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David Sell
Writer, Marketer, Imagineer

Welcome to my site. Here you will be able to sample my writing in various forms. You will discover poetry, magazine articles, radio copy, business writing, books (non-fiction and fiction) and even a link to my blog. Explore, enjoy; and if you like what you see, or even if you don't, drop me a line through my contacts page.

A heron stands watch over the waters below the spillway of the Lake Hume dam in Albury, New South Wales, Australia

The herdsman stands tall,
the flock grazes in the shallows;
A good day to dine.


Kicking Against the Pricks

(Kicking Against the Pricks is my new blog, and here is the latest post)

It's Your Destiny

The moon rose high and full in the sky last night,
and it will ride the skies again tonight,
just as high and a little bit fuller.
If you wish to see the moon's glow again,
we must, one and all, prevail today.

So let us not talk of Valkyrie songs,
of hero's Heavens and passing on;
Let us, instead, plan to toast our victory
with the prized wine of our enemies,
to feast on their bread at our celebration.

Do not stand amazed at the Fates that brought
you here, for they abandon the unwary.

Instead, show them their rightful observance,
seize the moment with a steady hand
and a courageous heart. Grasp your weapons,
wear your armour close, keep a steady eye,
and let no dust settle on your boot soles.

Today we fight, and today we triumph!

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What's New? What's News?

I have finished a novella; 20,000 words with a target audience of young females. It's currently heading out and about, but finding either an agent or a publisher takes time. Stay tuned to see how it goes. And yes, I could publish it electronically on Smashwords, but this particular book suits hard copy publication.

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And the other news is: I am teaching myself Dreamweaver.